Yahoo Bing Marketing

4 out of 5 searches happen on Google. Consider
Yahoo/ Bing to get the other one.

Yahoo/Bing Marketing Services

Yahoo! Search Marketing is the second most used keyword­based marketing platform where the advertisers pay the publishers a fixed amount for each click, and though Google dominates PPC advertising, Yahoo Bing Marketing provides certain advantages over AdWords. After perfecting your Google Adwords account and strategy, you may consider casting a wider net through Yahoo / Bing search platforms.

Performance on Yahoo Bing Improving at a Faster Rate

Without a doubt Google AdWords offered higher click­through rates than Yahoo Bing in 2014. However, the gap between the two search engines has narrowed considerably since the last time we conducted this study in the third quarter of 2012, when Google’s average click­through rates were actually 265 percent higher than Yahoo Bing’s..

Lower Cost, Less Competition on Yahoo Bing

Overall Google AdWords offers advertisers an advantage over Yahoo Bing in click­through rates as well as in impressions, however, the Yahoo Bing Network has advantages of its own. Namely, in lower cost per click and less competition.


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