The combined effort of SEO with Pay Per Click Ads in your Online Marketing Strategies leads to higher conversions.

Developing digital marketing campaigns that combine SEO with PPC is “not only necessary for achieving prime listing positions, it’s now the only way to maximize traffic and conversion opportunities.” according to Julian Connors, the former Organic Search Manager for a Fortune 500 brand that specializes in home care. As Connors was responsible for complex digital marketing campaigns, during his tenure he was able to generate a detailed report showing improvements across the board in terms of paid clicks, organic traffic, ad spend,  when combining both SEO and PPC strategies. In fact overall profits increased Here are the  following ways SEO and PPC can combine efforts to improve their strategies, as well as to drive conversions “like never before.”

1. Sharing is Caring

Many companies end up with separate SEO and PPC managers or teams, who may not work in the same office and quite often are not working in unison. Most smaller business who outsource their digital marketing may have two separate companies altogether. Keywords: the “foundation for any successful SEO or PPC campaign” and therefore insightful keywords data and research should therefore be shared among SEO and PPC teams. As more and more search terms contain phrase type “long tail” keywords, i.e. “Google Adwords management companies Los Angeles,” the more critical it is to have coordinated marketing efforts with shared paid and organic /SEO keywords. Goals and Metrics: Integrating and sharing user engagement data such as click through rates, conversions, bounce rate, etc. from either SEO or PPC campaign will help feel in the gaps of consumer behavior such as interactions and exit pages. For example, you could validate which particular product image generated more traffic, or what actions were taken after landing on your site.

2. No Barriers

Naturally having separate departments or companies working on SEO / PPC will create certain barriers as data and information is aggregated and reported separately. You can continue to run your business and organization this way, just make sure reporting, objectives, and basic communication channels are in place otherwise you will be missing out on the full benefits of integrated SEO and PPC. One way to have a combined SEO and PPC Campaign Strategy is to hire an agency that specializes in both disciplines all under one roof like Vision Web PPC. Recognized as one of the most innovative digital marketing firms in the Los Angeles Area, Vision Web has helped hundreds of clients both big and small achieve online marketing success. Its suite of integrated products include SEM, National and Local SEO, PPC and Social Media Marketing.  Please Contact us to learn more about us or our services. To access the original article on the combining SEO and PPC as well as further insight how to maximize search engine page rank (SERP) visibility, please click here.