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Pay Per Click is the art and science of getting the most amount of qualified conversions for the least amount of cost. No matter who works on your campaign, PPC Ad management focuses on creating and optimizing your PPC campaign. We provide one of the best Google Pay Per Click Management in Los Angeles.

We’ve crafted a tried and true approach to Pay Per Click (PPC) management that ensures each campaign is optimized every week, and sometimes daily,

including but not limited to the following:

Analyzing the Search Terms Report

Adding negative keywords

Identifying new performing keyword opportunities

Performance-based strategies and bid adjustments

A/B Split testing ad copy

Other Performance analysis

The most important focus is your technician working with you and for your business. We never get side-tracked from these necessary fundamentals. As part of our management service, we provide analytics reports, updates, and strategy conference calls.



Begin by receiving a FREE in­depth analysis of your AdWords account!

Make your AdWords account more profitable today!

Take 15 minutes to learn about important Google Updates and how we will structure your campaigns for the absolute best performance. We will optimize continuously and get as granular as we need to go for your business goals (increased revenue, profit, or leads).

Learn how the recent Google Algorithm Update may impact your account performance with no obligation

Expert Analysis on your Cost per conversion, Quality Score, and ALL the keywords in your account

Optimize your accounts to earn more revenue, profit, or leads

Our friendly tech will discuss ideas with you about how to optimize your accounts to earn more revenue, profit, or leads

We can also evaluate the work done by you or a 3rd party, to isolate what is working. What needs tinkering, and what needs a complete overhaul.

What you can expect from our PPC Ad Management

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We charge a one-time new client fee, and ongoing monthly management fee that is determined by your monthly Amazon budget. Please contact our team to receive a custom quote.

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We provide a complimentary consultation to answer any questions and confirm that we’re the right partner for this crucial responsibility. Let us take your Amazon sales to the next level.