Whatever your goals may be for your company’s online presence, you first must establish a strategy before seeking out a Social Media Marketing (SMM) expert.

Congratulations! As the decision maker of your company’s or businesses marketing, you made the decision to hire an SMM expert to increase your digital / online presence.  Carefully consider what this actually entails and ask yourself what you hope to achieve. Increased brand awareness? Shift demographics, i.e.appeal to a younger audience ? Better customer relations? Drive sales or generate leads. All of the above??? Knowing where you want to end up is the key as to what road down the social media highway you want to take. After strategy and budget, we identified 9 areas of social media marketing that should be considered and looked at. At Vision Web, we would gladly start from the ground up, working with you to set up a strategy with obtainable goals, within budget, utilizing social media channels and techniques that make the most sense. Please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions. Without further ado, here is your Social Media Marketing Checklist:

  1. Set a Strategy – As mentioned above, setting a goal is critical.
  2. Set a Budget – Once you have established your strategy it is good to make sure you have the budget to get it done. Worse case scenario is taking the time to get started only to see you marketing plan fall apart due to lack of budget.
  3. Blog Posts – We all know original content is king across search engines, but make sure they being promoted and what platforms are the best to promote, engage, share, and discuss your brand.
  4. Attract SM Influencers – In addition to Blog Posts, Influencer Marketing is a very effective strategy to promote your brand. Getting someone with “Media Cred” behind your brand can be very difficult but extremely beneficial in the long run, similar to a company spokesperson in traditional advertising.
  5. SM Contest or Incentive Reward – Creating a contest and offering tangible rewards (money gifts, experiences, etc) is a great way to engage and grow an audience. Careful not to come off to gimmicky however, or run  too costly of a promotion.
  6. Youtube Video Optimization – As the second largest search platform (behind parent company Google) with nearly a BILLION visitors a month, posting  & sharing company videos on Youtube is a great way to gain exposure. However, similar to Google, without proper optimization, your efforts might end up lost and ineffective.
  7. Facebook Live Video – When Facebook launched their “Live Video” app, it was made clear that live video would be at the top of the timeline / news feed. As long as there is an event or storyline that works, good idea to take advantage of this platform. Consider Snapchat as well.
  8. Google+ – Consider utilizing the Google+ platform, but not for the shear number of users like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. As an integral part of Google, it’s biggest advantage is  it can help with search rankings since posts are indexed in the search engine result pages (SERPs).
  9. LinkedIn Ads – Currently owned by Microsoft, LinkedIn updated it’s advertising platform and should really be looked into. LinkedIn’s outbound marketing feature is a proven highly effective strategy in generating awareness and hot leads toward a targeted group.
  10. Twitter Chats   Hosting or participating in a Twitter chat is a wonderful social instrument that can be used to bring a community of socially active individuals together and dive into an intelligent, industry-relevant conversation.
  11. Build Social Community Relationships – Whether or not you would like to utilize social media to increase sales, customer relationships are important considering by nature social media networks can simply make or break a brand. Some of things to consider when addressing the “social media community”:

• Listen to audience’s pain points, roadblocks and quandaries • Embrace genuineness • Put customers at the center of their focus (e.g., publishing user generated content) • Produce content that your audience cares about

Taking the Next Step

While we’ve compiled a solid list of Social Media Marketing ideas / tips, etc. certainly there’s a lot more to consider. Moreover, as we are coming up on another year, who knows what new technologies and platforms will be developed and need to be implemented ? One thing you can be certain of, if you are not actively promoting your product or brand, then you are losing out to your competitors who are. Take a look at our Social Media Marketing Services  and let us know how we can help. At Vision Web we pride ourselves for our “customer first” approach and will work with you to create a custom, hands on, results driven solution for your needs whether it’s Social Media, SEO, Web Design, or PPC. Give us a call today! (800) 327-9417